Bilingual School on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


By practicing the legal duties and constitutional requirements by the Republic of Costa Rica, Corcovado School undertook an intense and difficult process to obtain the necessary data and the official documentation in order to achieve the legal certification of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. Finally, on September 24th, 2015, Corcovado School received the official certification from the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), in accordance with the Executive Decree Number 24017- MEP for the compliance programs of the Preschool Level and the levels of I and II Cycles of the Basic General Education of Costa Rica. This success would not have been possible without the dedication, help, and hard work of more than three years of Elmer Chavarría Sarracín and Gladys Olmos Rueda. Corcovado School is recognized for its high academic excellency that complies with the regulations, norms, and programs required by the MEP to work as private institution in Puerto Jimenez.

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