Bilingual School on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Corcovado School was founded in 2005 by two women from the United States who were looking for a primary bilingual education that focused on the environmental context of the Osa Peninsula.

The educational center is a non-profit association formed by the Directive Board and parents of the Puerto Jimenez community who are looking for a better future for the children of our community. For this reason, the association is called: Association for the Educational and Cultural Development of Osa, duly registered with the Public Register of Costa Rica with the legal identification code: ASODECO 3-002-635613, valid until 2021.

Last year, the institution achieved the renovation of infrastructure, thanks to the contribution of generous hearts. Additionally, common areas were created, generating more comfortable areas, and in this way, improving the learning environment. The actual building where we meet is being rented. 

We are a non-profit private primary school that offers Kindergarten through sixth grade. The pedagogical approach of the school and student learning is humanistic. This means to say an individual student, in his or her totality, forms a perspective composed of multiple dimensions: social, emotional, corporal, cognitive, communicative, ethical, esthetic and spiritual. The particular functioning of each one determines the development and activities possible for the student in his or her various stages. From an integrative point of view, the development of a boy or a girl happens in various dimensions and processes at once. These developments are not independent but complementary to one another. Also, practiced at the school is the constructivist approach, which means the learning process is participative, dynamic, and interactive.

The environmental focus of the educational center enables the students to form from an early age a culture of respect for the living things and their habitat. With this focus, the students also acquire basic knowledge and pride of the emblematic environment of the very diverse Osa Peninsula.

Another strong academic point of Corcovado School is it is 100% bilingual. Students learn subjects in both English and Spanish. This opportunity not only prepares them for our strong tourism industry in the country and region, but also for our globalized world.

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