Bilingual School on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica



The general objective is to cultivate bilingual children (Spanish – English) in the nursery school, preschool, primary, and secondary levels. It is intended that this method of teaching will go hand in hand with the environment and the sustainable use of the natural resources to maintain Puerto Jimenez and the Osa Peninsula for many generations to come!


  • To offer the opportunity of quality education with a method that is modern and proactive.
  • To offer a quality service in the institution through efficient, effective, and appropriate use of the resources and factors available.
  • To create a healthy environment for education, culture, and sports for the children of the institution.
  • To promote the physical-emotional activity of the children, providing qualified personal for productive learning.
  • To promote and increase the economic support of the business community for cultural growth.
  • To participate actively in all these national and international activities that complement the mission of the institution.
  • To form the knowledge of rights, duties, and the practice of values in one’s personal life, in one’s relation with others.
  • To promote education of the environment and sustainability of natural resources.
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