Bilingual School on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica



Corcovado School offers a preschool education that follows the Costa Rican education guidelines. Our mission is to form and develop a sense of community, responsibility, independence, and the desire to learn. On a daily basis, we promote Costa Rican values and essential aspects of the culture through games, songs, poetry, and stories. Traditional festivities such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, and all Costa Rican holidays are celebrated to help to form part of the education of cultural values.

The preschool work is based in groups of children of ages between Pre-kindergarten (4 years and 3 months) and Kindergarten (5 years and 3 months. The curriculum used is the Starfall Education Program which delivers an excellent methodology for learning.

The children learn by directly engaging with the English language through songs, dance, art projects, and independent and group activities. Children of different ages, backgrounds, and cultural differences interact in the classroom which allows them to relate with each other and perfect their social skills.

The teachers actively accompany and help the children in this process, offering a methodology with different types of games inside and outside the classroom, including other activities such as crafts, stories, conversations, songs, poems, children’s books, and sports. From this, the children have the opportunity to expand their horizons in different areas focusing on social behavior, improving motor skills (both fine and gross), and nurturing their intellectual development. The educational process is a success, especially if it goes hand in hand with the education that each child receives from their family.

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