Bilingual School on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica



In the case of relying in part on a sponsor for some of our students, the Board Director and the Senior Director work with parents on all of the logistics. Each period, and at the end of the course, grades are sent to the sponsor and it is coordinated with the teacher, student, and family of the student.


The tuition has a one-time charge of 50 dollars (USD) at the start of the school year, which should be paid as soon as the tuition is made official. The Institution does not receive financial help through the Department of State for Centers for Private Teachers since the Executive Decree published in 2010 that there are no funds available.

The initial tuition charge is used to buy the program books from the Ministry of Public Education and the English books. Kindergarteners are asked to bring specific materials or art supplies to school as a classroom contribution.


The total annual amount will be divided into 11 monthly quotas, which should be paid within the first 5 days of each month, beginning in February and ending in December for each school year

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